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Merchant Cash Advance Bad Credit

Merchant Cash Advance Bad Credit

Are you seeking a merchant cash advance bad credit? You’re not alone. With banks and most private lenders shying more and more away from business borrowers with less than stellar credit, our MCA bad credit program may be just what the Doctor ordered. The beauty of working with us is 1) It costs you nothing to find out whether you qualify, 2) Personal credit of the business owner is rarely a problem and 3) You will find out quickly, usually in 1 to 2 business days if you’re approved.

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merchant cash advance bad creditGet the funding you need quickly – It only takes a few minutes to sign up with most providers and complete a quick simple application . Once you have supplied everything necessary to underwrite your Merchant cash advance funding request, and assuming your application is solid, you can get the business funding you need – usually in a few days and sometimes in 24 to 48 hours after your approved.

Sometimes the entire process can be completed in less than a week. Compare this cycle with your typical bank loan, which can take months just to be approved, much less funded. For business owners who are strapped for cash, a business cash advance bad credit can provide them with critical capital in a fraction of the time. This speed is critical for businesses needing payroll coverage or to pay for critical repairs or inventory, just to name a few.


Less Stress and More Time. – Money comes and goes, but time is a commodity that can never be regained. Searching for a steady, reliable source of business financing should not consume all the precious hours in a work day.

“Money comes and goes, but time is a commodity that can never be regained.”

If you need to pay bills or make payroll, don’t stress out about it. Do something about it with a merchant cash advance. Simply submit an application and proper documentation, provide the necessary financial documents to assist the underwriting process and get back to what you do best: running your business.


business cash advance bad creditTake Control of your Cash Flow – Every business lives and dies by its cash flow. But when it comes to traditional financing, borrowers may find their cash flow impeded by large monthly payments or onerous conditions imposed by the lender. After the financial crisis in 2009, most banks required almost a one-to-one deposit to loan ratio, meaning you had to have as much cash on hand as you were looking to borrow. The obvious reaction from borrowers was something to the effect of, “if I had the money in the bank already, I wouldn’t need to borrow it!”

“Every business lives and dies by its cash flow.”

A merchant cash advance, however, is flexible financing. Done wisely and within your means, a merchant cash advance can serve as part of your overall financing strategy. It can be your Plan B for emergencies.


Lender Transparency on Underwriting and Fees. One common misconception about merchant cash advances is that they all have very high fees. This is not always the case.

But the fees incurred on our MCA program can vary depending on several factors including the industry, prevailing advance rates, the borrower’s creditworthiness, the number of invoices submitted per period, and outstanding invoices. The more invoices you produce, the more deposits you take in and the better your credit rating, the more advantageous the rate.

Adjust your advance payments based on the seasonality of your business – A good lender fully understands your business’s financial standing, creditworthiness, experience and collateral because they can affect your ability to pay down your debt.

If your business has seasonal fluctuations, you want your lender to be aware of them, too.

For example, the financial profile, creditworthiness and seasonality of a heating oil company in Pennsylvania will significantly differ from a surfing outfitter store in California. Both companies may use a business cash advance but how they do it will vary.

“A good lender fully understands your business’s financial standing…”

The fuel company may utilize an MCA to hedge against supply price changes. The surf shop may use one to replenish its inventory of swimwear, flip flops, beach towels and toys.


Hang on to your valuable equity – In certain cases, traditional lenders may dictate how you spend what you’ve borrowed. They may require that you buy new equipment, instead of training employees or even covering their payroll. They can even restrict the use of your existing funds by forcing you to pledge your accounts.

With a merchant or business cash advance, business owners won’t have to worry about signing their life away when they get the funding they need. A merchant cash advance is based upon the revenue of your business, not the equity or valuation of your business.


Grow your bottom line – Let’s face it, you spend over 12 hours a day at your business for one reason: to make a profit.

Obtaining working capital when you need it should not affect your bottom line. The process should be fully transparent and negotiated fairly. And it should benefit you.

With a merchant cash advance bad credit, it’s possible to take advantage of early payment discounts from vendors, get bulk discounts from wholesale suppliers and other bottom line increasing moves.


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