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Want a Career or A Business

Want a Career or A Business

A lot of people are starting to question the idea of spending many years and lots of money going to college. There are thousands of graduates who are working as waiters and in retail. They don’t make much money and they probably never will. They also can’t afford to pay off their student loans, buy a car, buy a house, marry or have a family.

Part of the problem is that there are few jobs out there that will allow these grads to have the life they dreamed of when they embarked on their educations. The old paradigm of getting a good education, finding a good job, raising a family and retiring with a comfortable income from your employer based retirement no longer exists.

Most employees will have many jobs before they reach retirement age and they will have to pay for their own retirement.

Because this is true it is more attractive than ever to start your own business. In some ways it is less risky because a successful business, even a small one, can offer individuals and families more financial security than simply having a job that could disappear at any moment through no fault of the worker.

Some types of businesses require college educations and advanced degrees, too. Doctors, lawyers and accountants might be a few examples.

But there are other possibilities that are often overlooked.

Licensed trades like electricians and plumbers can make as much money as many MD’s and be self-employed, too. Watchmakers who can repair the most complicated Rolexes may attend school as long as people who become physicians and make as much money as some do, too.

These types of careers may not seem as prestigious as some others, but people can make a living, support their loved ones and have a money making asset they can sell or pass on to family when they want to retire…IF they ever do. Best of all no one can make them retire. It’s their decision.

There are other options, too. What can you do that you can turn into a business? Can you build apartments? Are you a visionary nightclub entrepreneur? Or maybe you would like something else.

It takes hard work to build a business but it can also have incredible rewards. People who build businesses are rarely bored but they also have some scarifying moments. Some of us like having more control over whatever happens than the typical employee. We’re grownup realists and a tad on the stubborn side.

We don’t really like having all our decisions made for us. We don’t really trust in the fiction employers would like us to believe that, “Our employees are our most important asset.” Tell that to the next person you know who gets laid off or downsized and see what they say.

All risks are relative. In a world where employment is hard to find and harder still to keep, starting a business IS BETTER! All you need is a service or product in demand and hunt for customers.