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ACH Loans aka Hard Money Business Loans

ACH Loans, Hard Money Business Loans

An ACH loan can cover a lot of loan scenarios, including merchant cash advance loans, small business loans for bad credit (although some but not all business cash advance loans require decent credit), hard money business loans, and business cash advance loans but the core of nearly all ACH loans or merchant loans is the cash flow of the business as these business cash advance loans need for the business’s cash flow to be able to comfortably cover the payback of the loan. Fortunately, our ACH or merchant loans program cover the gamut. These include very quick closing business cash advance loans and real estate backed small business loans with bad credit and all points in between. Our real estate secured business loans can be in first position, second position or even third position if there is sufficient equity in the property. There are very few programs out there for commercial second mortgages and especially commercial third mortgages. Securing business cash advance loans or merchant loans with real estate lowers the rate and makes cash advance loans direct lender with bad credit on the owner very possible. The additional security allows us to provide business loans for poor credit business owners, an all too common situation nowadays.

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Merchant Cash Advance Loans

ACH LoansSo let’s talk about business cash advance or merchant cash advance loans in general. The beauty of these what some would call hard money business loans (although not always so) is there are so many ways to fund a business’s short term cash needs, it allows us to provide hard money business loans to most businesses that apply. These short term business advance loans also allow us to structure the loan’s payback to fit the business’s cash flow whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly.

So why would a business need business cash advance aka ACH loans in the first place. It all surrounds cash flow, particularly for growing businesses, Also, small business or merchant cash advance loans may be the only business loan that the business qualifies for, particularly if the business has no accounts receivable to pledge for a more traditional ABL loan. ABL or asset based loans are typically based on the aged accounts receivables (the funding percentage drops as the accounts receivables age due to the higher perceived risk by a lender). These ABL loans are also known as an ABL facility or asset based line of credit but many small businesses don’t fit these type programs. This is particularly true for small businesses with bad credit. Business loans for bad credit only fit programs such as merchant loans as they are based on cash generated by the business making credit of the business or borrower of minimal importance.

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Merchant Loans

Merchant Loans

Let’s talk about cash flow, the life blood of a business. Sadly, there have been many businesses that went bankrupt, including some large businesses that were profitable but just got caught without sufficient cash to pay the normal monthly bills. These usually occur from a business letting its inventory and/or accounts receivables get out of control. This can also happen in businesses that are growing rapidly. Their cash inflow just can’t keep pace with their expenses and working capital (accounts receivables and inventory). That’s where working capital loans, including business cash advance loans come into play. These asset and cash flow based loans bridge the gap until a business stabilizes its cash flow from growth or from lack of good working capital management. They sort of stretch out the negative cash flow issues until the business gets stabilized, much like a seriously ill patient in an emergency room. To carry this analogy a bit further, some patients that come to the ‘financial emergency room’ if you will can take a simple pill like an ABL or working capital loan and go home.  Others like a business with poor credit need a small business loan for bad credit, including merchant cash advance or business cash advance loan to stabilize a business (patient) until it can ‘go home’.

Business Cash Advance Loans

That’s the beauty of our ACH or business cash advance loans. We can provide a business with funding based on its needs not some hard and fast loan program that turns businesses down more than provides them with the critical funding needed to be successful,even restaurant or high risk business loans. We also have some great commercial real estate bridge loans if your short term (6 months to 3 years) business funding needs are for real estate as well as restaurant business loans that can help your restaurant grow and prosper.