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Business Capital Loan

Business Capital Loan

Looking for a Business Capital Loan to grow your business or to cover some critical expenses or inventory? Finding a reliable source of capital that fits your needs with traditional business financing sources is nearly impossible. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you haven’t already figured out. If you have great credit, check out our startup business loans or our no doc business loans. However if you’re like many business owners and have poor or bad credit, we may have a solution for you. The program I am referring to is a Merchant or Business Cash Advance which could also be called a Business Capital Loan. To learn more about these programs, read on,


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What are Merchant Cash Advance loans?

business capital loan​1st, You Get the Business Capital You Need Quickly

It only takes a few minutes to apply with our quick and simple application. Once you have supplied everything necessary to underwrite your funding request, and assuming your application is solid, you can get the business funding you need – sometimes within 24 to 48 hours after your application is approved.

Generally, the entire process can be completed in less than a week. Compare this cycle with a traditional bank loan or line of credit, which can take months.

For small business owners coping with equipment maintenance, sudden emergencies or even just covering payroll until the busy season starts, they know that traditional financing sources just cannot compete. Getting a merchant cash advance is a great way to get the funding they want without the wait.


It’s all about Cash Flow – Every business lives and dies by its cash flow. But when it comes to traditional financing, borrowers may find their cash flow impeded by large monthly payments or onerous conditions imposed by the lender. After the financial crisis in 2009, most banks required almost a one-to-one deposit to loan ratio, meaning you had to have as much cash on hand as you were looking to borrow. The obvious reaction from borrowers was something to the effect of, “if I had the money in the bank already, I wouldn’t need to borrow it!”

A merchant cash advance, however, is flexible financing. Done wisely and within your means, a merchant cash advance can serve as part of your overall financing strategy. It can be your Plan B for emergencies. Or it can help you chip away at long-term debt or help you take care of a nagging project.


Adjusting for seasonality – If your business has seasonal fluctuations, you want your lender to be aware of them, too. Cash flow shortfalls are often the result of a business’ seasonality. A merchant or business cash advance can get you through these rough times.


working capital loanDon’t give up your hard earned equity – Rather than sacrifice your equity, wich most business owners never get back and the few that do, pay a hefty price.

With a merchant cash advance, business owners won’t have to worry about signing their life away when they get the funding they need. A merchant cash advance is based upon the revenue of your business, not the equity or valuation of your business.


Build a better relationship with your lender – One common complaint in today’s commercial lending world is the lack of a good relationship between the borrower and the lender.

The days are long gone when the deal was sealed with a handshake. Back then, the lender had a strong responsibility to help the borrower grow their business. The lender didn’t want the small business to be swindled by undisclosed fees, mysterious charges and confusing terms.

“The days are long gone when the deal was sealed with a handshake.”

Good MCA specialists rely on the performance of your advance and, quite honestly, hope you continue to borrow after you have satisfied the initial advance. Most merchant cash advance companies are made of up of entrepreneurs and small business owners too so they value an ongoing relationship.


Utilize our automated processing – Having a reputable MCA specialist as part of your business financing team is like adding an employee who takes care of the paperwork, processing and payments. Even the initial stages of compiling the proper documentation can serve as a useful exercise to the business owner.

Be sure to ask a lot of questions along the way to ensure your MCA provider not only understand your business but what they’re offering as well.

A merchant cash advance, aka working capital loan can help you focus on the things that really matter, such as growing your business, paying your employees or even just spending more quality time with your family.


Make your business capital loan payoff in your bottom line. After all, you spend over 12 hours a day at your business for one reason: to earn a nice profit.

Obtaining business capital when you need it should only affect your bottom line positively. The process should be fully transparent and negotiated fairly. And it should benefit you.

With a merchant cash advance it’s possible to take advantage of early vendor discounts, get bulk materials’ discounts from inventory suppliers, add more profitable inventory items, stock up for seasonal events or sales, and add staff for more ambitious projects. You’ll be able to satisfy your clientele and expand your business, making you more money.