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A Hunt for Customers

A Hunt for Customers

A lot of people who go into business for themselves will find a store front, get some inventory and then sit back and wait for customers to find them. Sometimes they will do a little advertising and then sit back and wait some more. They might be in a business in which they have considerable experience and perhaps even some customers they might expect to pry away from their old employer.

Sitting back and waiting to be discovered means you may never make it. Getting the word out takes much more effort than many people realize. It may be necessary to adjust both your marketing AND your product line many times as you fight your way to success in business.

Think of lawyers. Most of them are self-employed, but there is a very large divide between the successful ones and the ones who just get by in their professional lives. Some get into politics because they find it an easier way to make a living.

In fact no type of business can succeed without an aggressive search for customers. Which brings us to the point.

What is it?

Marketing is a skill ALL successful business people MUST learn.

Think of architects. Most are self-employed or they work for another architect. But few of them ever manage to make a living. They just can’t find enough paying customers. Many architects never design a building that actually gets built…unless it’s their own. Many of them can’t even afford their own project.

They are very smart and capable people but they don’t know the first thing about marketing their own talents. And it’s the one skill they really need. No one teaches them the one thing they need to put their expensive and lengthy education to work.

Every business, whether it’s a professional practice, a manufacturing business, a retail business or any other commercial enterprise must have the ability to attract and keep customers. They have to be able to market themselves effectively.

One of the most difficult lessons new entrepreneurs have to learn is that they have to fight for success and actively pursue it by hunting and winning customers. At least, things are in your own hands as an entrepreneur. That’s one of the advantages of owning a business. Just go for it.